Strong or half-moon battery

It is located on the Vaccarella promenade, almost opposite the road of the same name that connects the Borgo to Vaccarella. A defensive military construction conceived in the second half of the 16th century, it has a triangular plan with the apex facing the sea, measures about 20 metres on each side and rises just above sea level.

The ancient cartography of Milazzo already depicts it at the end of the 17th century, included in the defensive system of the city of Milazzo and its port, with a detailed plan by Langger executed in 1823, which shows four embrasures and some covered rooms for the garrison and powder storage.

Its strategic position destined it during the Second World War as a place to place redoubts or bunkers, which still exist today even if partially 'camouflaged' by a mural that covers the dome and represents a miracle of St. Francis of Paola. Along the sides of the battery, the Vaccarella wash houses are still visible.

Fulco C., Picciolo L., Le torri di Milazzo - 2. Il Capo, in Milazzo Nostra