The Judges’ Fort

Going up from Piazza Roma towards the Borgo, on the left-hand side of Via Giuseppe Impallomeni, before the Asilo Comunale, is the western wing of the Quartiere degli Spagnoli, at the end of which is the Giudici Fort.
A 17th-century military construction, it stands approximately 14 metres above sea level, consisting of cusp-shaped wall structures, arranged in a radial pattern, around the main tower, the extreme edge of this wing of the military quarter. Together with the Quartiere and the Fort of San Gennaro to the east, it formed the defensive system of the entrances to the Borgo and Castello.
Piaggia writes that the work was carried out under the government of Cardinal Francesco Del Giudice, from whom the fort takes its name; in any case, it is subsequent to the construction of the Quartiere itself.
During the 20th century, it underwent various modifications and reutilisations, not least as a shed for the city's fire-fighting service. Today, it and its surroundings are in a state of complete abandonment.


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