Teatro Trifiletti

The ‘Trifiletti’ Theatre was built in 1911 to a design by Letterio Savoja, on the initiative of Stefano Trifiletti, a Milazzese entrepreneur. Distinguished by its simple and essential architecture, it covered an area of over a thousand square metres and consisted of 47 boxes and a hall with three hundred seats. In the foyer, the remains of Carlo Righetto’s cycle of frescoes can be seen, signed and dated 1912, the year the theatre was inaugurated with a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto and sparkling electric lighting, introduced in Milazzo at that time.

Its artistic past has been the subject of interesting publications, which have highlighted how it was the site of important theatre seasons and good film performances (the first screenings were held in 1913). It also hosted important political and cultural events and authoritative conferences that made it take on a significant role in the history of our city.

From 1912 to the 1970s, the greatest performers of opera, prose and light theatre passed through it. Among the stars of the theatrical performances were the great Emma Gramatica, Nanda Primavera, queen of operetta, and Angelo Musco.

Its artistic past and the role it has played in the context of the city have motivated its recognition as a ‘theatrical structure of particular historical-artistic interest pursuant to Law No. 1089 of 1/6/1939’ and the related constraint.