Fort San Giuseppe

Fort San Giuseppe is, of the many fortifications that protected the city, the only one remaining outside the citadel (apart from the Spanish Quarter and Fort Giudici). To reach it, one must pass through the Borgo, in the direction of the Capo, and then turn right into via Sant'Elmo, formerly via Corrie. After a hundred or so metres, on the right, among the olive and cypress trees, you can see the ancient walls that descend from the castle and converge to the north, in a semicircular building. Situated about 70 metres above sea level, the fort consists of a semicircular tower about 12 metres high, made of stones joined by hydraulic mortar, while at the base of the semicircle, square sandstone ashlars can be seen. At the top, five gun emplacements. It was built in 1647, to reinforce the pre-existing northern walls from possible attacks from the Promontory. The name derives from its location, a very short distance from the Church of St Joseph (1565). The fort currently used by private individuals is not accessible.

Fulco C., Picciolo L., Le torri di Milazzo - 2. Il Capo, in Milazzo Nostra