About us

SiciliAntica is a voluntary cultural association with a regional character that has been operating for several years in Sicily with numerous branches throughout the island. The association deals with the protection, enhancement and safeguarding of Sicily's cultural heritage, collaborating with the relevant institutions.

The members involved in the various activities, which are coordinated and promoted by the Regional Presidency and managed and organised by the Local Offices, do not in any way wish to replace the competent authorities, but work in support of the latter, in the conviction that only effective collaboration between the institutions and all those interested in enhancing the testimonies of our past can make up for the inevitable shortcomings that an exclusively bureaucratic and academic approach can cause. Since it was established, i.e. since 15 December 1996, SiciliAntica has conducted archaeological research activities in cooperation with the Superintendencies. This activity has been aimed at the valorisation and protection of the areas investigated, with a view to greater public enjoyment. No prerequisites are necessary to participate in social activities: they are aimed at the general public, because we believe that to be interested in archaeology and art, passion and the willingness to devote part of one's free time to the realisation of social goals are sufficient.

The Milazzo office has been active in the area since 2010.