The hall of the Domus

It can be more simply referred to as Sala del Camino, due to the presence of a large fireplace, whose dating can oscillate between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries since elements on which to base a more secure chronology disappeared into rebuilding phase.


The widely used denomination of “Parliament Hall” for the supposed celebration of a “General Parliament” convened by Frederick III of Aragon in preparation of the investiture in Sicily appears less appropriate.


The Parliament was probably held in Milazzo in a different place from this 9×9 m room, certainly insufficient to accommodate a hundred of dignitaries sumptuously attired and comfortably seated in strict observance ceremonial. The hall is punctuated by two pointed arches placed in support of the wooden roof. A smaller compartment, with a single pointed arch, adjacent to the main hall, and connected to it by a fourteenth-century portal completed the residence of the Domus. In the small compartment one magnificent white stone window with a very accentuated ogival profile, very damaged, gives grace, light and dignity in equal measure.


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