The Lighthouse of Capo Milazzo

Latitude: 38° 16.2' N - Longitude: 15° 13.9' E. These are the geographical coordinates of the Capo Milazzo lighthouse. Each lighthouse is distinguished from the others by the frequency of the flashes it emits. The phases that characterise ours are: 2 sec. of light and 4 sec. of eclipse, i.e. of darkness. On nautical charts it is identified with the following characteristics: 'Lam. L 6 sec 90m 16M', i.e. lightning with a period of 6 seconds, with a nominal range (maximum sighting distance) of 16 miles and a height of light above sea level of 90 metres. It has a fixed optic, with a 1000W white lamp.


 For almost a century, after it was once again taken by the Angevins in 1341 and until the beginning of the 17th century, Milazzo was at the centre of numerous troubled wars linked to the feudal conflicts that bloodied Sicily. During the Spanish domination, the town increased its strategic importance. The most important and imposing fortifications of the historic Castle date from this period and can still be admired today. It was also several times the seat of the Viceroy and Lieutenants of Sicily.