Sea Protect Area

Established in March 2019, along the north-east coast of Sicily, this is a place that holds great and rare emotions in store. An area that encloses within its perimeter a variety of landscapes, sheer cliffs, enchanting beaches and breathtaking sunsets. When we talk about protecting the sea, we must first consider the role of the coastal strip and its 'subordinate' status with respect to the hinterland. The marine ecosystem is therefore also managed by protecting above all the boundary with the land.

The area subjected to conservation and protection measures is the Capo Milazzo promontory and the two adjacent areas to the east and west of the Capo promontory, comprising the long portion of low coastline that runs westward parallel to the western waterfront of the town of Milazzo and the rocky coastline of the eastern sector of the promontory that includes the port area and the industrial zone of the town of Milazzo.

The Sea Protect Area is subdivided into four zones (A, B, Bs and C) Integral, General, Special General and Partial Reserve. These zones have different access possibilities and limitations on usability. It is advisable to find out the rules beforehand; for information and authorisation requests for activities to be exercised within the Amp, visit: .


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