The Main Tower

The Norman dating, for the most constructive peculiarities and the many peculiar ornamental solutions, is the one most widely shared. Today the tower appears to have been inserted in the middle of the front, built by Frederick, facing west, like one of the many towers in the external enclosure. This makes it more difficult to perceive its original layout as an isolated tower.


In the Swabian restructuring it appears connected to body of the hall also due to the presence of an interposed staircase which leads both to the floors of the tower as for the roof of the hall.


The large perimeter shows that reinforces and protects the building's connection to the ground was approached in the Swabian age, as evidenced by the numerous engravings of the stonecutters in all like those found on the towers of the Frederick wall.


Inside, the original wooden floors of the attics, were replaced during the 14th century with halved floors supported by large, pointed arches. Arches over time collapsed or were demolished and they were recently brought back, with generous reconstruction, to the fourteenth-century design.  


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