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The city of Milazzo Is located between two gulfs, Milazzo to the east and Patti to the west. Founded by the Greeks around 716 BC and from 36 BC recognized as a Roman civitas, the city was at the centro of history even during the First Punic War (260 BC), and in July 1860 with the arrivato of Giuseppe Garibaldi's "Red shorts" in the great Battle of Milazzo. There are several testimonies and simbols of the millennial history of the city. The town is parte of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy as an Honorary Guest. Thanks to its favorable geographical position it is an ideal starting point for the Aeolian Islands. Milazzo is rich in great historical and artistic value. There are, in fact, countless points of interest to visit, including religious, civil and archeological sites including: the fortified city and the Castle, the Duomo, the Sanctuary of S. Francesco di Paola, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Palazzo D'Amico, the Garibaldi promenade, the Borgo Antico, the statue of Luigi Rizzo, Piazza Roma etc. The pride of the town is its naturalistic and landscape aspect. In addition to the splendid beaches on both side (west and east), Milazzo boasts one of the most suggestive natural areas of Italy: Capo Milazzo (a maritime Natura Reserve) fascinating for its biodiversity, bathed in crystal clear waters and characterized by a breathtaking landscape, from which to admire the fantastic panorama of the Aeolian Islands.

The Castle

The fortified citadel, commonly known as the 'Castle', stands on the site of early Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab settlements...


Prehistoric sites, tombs, necropolis... The history of Milazzo begins with the first human settlements in the Neolithic Age (4000 BC).


Nature trails, Marine Protected Area, flora and fauna of a unique ecosystem.


Most of the places of cult built in the Aragonese and Spanish periods with various subsequent remodelling...

Views of the City

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