Monument dedicated to Luigi Rizzo

It was built in bronze in 1965 by the Messina sculptor Antonio Bonfiglio in honour of Luigi Rizzo, the officer who best represented the daring spirit of the Navy in World War I, demonstrating truly unique qualities of courage, spiritual strength and moral consistency. He was born in Milazzo on 8 October 1887. Among his exploits to be remembered is the action of December 1917, for which he was awarded the first gold medal for military valour, the sinking, by means of torpedoes launched from the MAS he commanded, of the battleship Wien in the waters of Trieste harbour.

For this action, called Premuda because it took place in the waters off this Dalmatian island, he was awarded the second gold medal for military valour. On the night of 10 June, Rizzo succeeded in striking and sinking the battleship Santo Stefano as it headed, with the Austrian fleet, towards the Strait of Otranto to force the Allied blockade. In honour of this victory, the Navy celebrates its holiday on 10 June.