Church of San Giuseppe

Built in 1565, has features late – Renaissance. Subsequent restorations in 1639, 1643 and 1758 modified, in part, the original layout. The church has a simple rectangular hall with square presbytery, which are attached to the bodies of the sacristy and the bell tower. The façade has a unique order, with a triangular tympanum with architraved door overlooked by a rococo window. The door seems to date back to a nineteenth-century reconstruction.

Inside, an imaginative stucco decoration wraps the chapels along the nave, framing the altars. On the right there is the chapel of S. Giuseppe, which emerges in the external profile as a small apse: the altar was rebuilt in 1927 but the eighteenth century is the polychrome group of S. Giuseppe with the child Jesus attributed to Filippo Quattrocchi. On the left side is important the eighteenth-century wooden altar of St. Anne, with a painting of the marriage of the Virgin.

The altar of the Madonna del Buonviaggio also retains the original wooden structure. The high altar, decorated with polychrome marble altarpieces and spiral columns, dates back to 1673 with a central painting depicting the Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and St. Anne. Two underground crypts are marked by inscriptions of 1643 and 1864, respectively in front of the high altar and near the entrance. The nineteenth-century polychrome ceramic floor has been replaced and few traces survive.