Church of the Annunziata

Leaning against the Bastione delle Isole, as the few remains that survivor from collapses and carelessness miraculously testify the existence of this important architectural work. The Annunziata church with a late medieval origin, risks of leaving behind only the memory of its name. The fragmentary nature of the remaining decorations does not allow us to make any reasonable assumptions about the layout of the religious building and, nether less, on the large appurtenances aggregated to it. From the excavations of the area, we can still wait for the release of the foundations and an enhancement of the importance of the site. The group belonged to the church of the walled city marble of the Annunciation, of the Lombard school, now kept in via Cumbo Borgia.A long-respected rule dates to the mid-seventeenth century: the election of magistrates responsible for public affairs had to take place on the day of the feast of the Annunciation; perhaps a sign of the esteem in which bound the worship held to the ancient church.


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